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Jasen Kobobel MD

Jasen Kobobel, MD
Board Certified in Family Medicine
Certified Medical Review Officer

As a young man growing up in Houston Texas, Jasen Kobobel had two main passions: music and helping people. Graduating from Kline High School with many music awards and receiving a generous scholarship in music, he had a hard decision to make; which calling to follow.
He was accepted to the most prestigious music college in New York, but turned it down and decided that medicine would be his profession. Online Pharmacy

After receiving two degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Houston Baptist University, Dr. Kobobel got involved in genetic engineering cancer research. However, this great experience in the latest field of medicine wasn’t as fulfilling for him as direct contact with the actual patient. He then entered St. George’s British Medical School, based on European philosophy. His residency at University of Texas Medical Branch gave him the best outlook at Family Medicine in the United States. Cialis Online

Learning the art of medicine in many hospitals in major metropolitan cities across the US such as New York City; Baltimore, Maryland; Orange County, California and Houston, Texas, as well as the experience of a small community hospital in Anniston, Alabama gave him the broad scope of how to practice medicine to its full potential. Doxycycline over the counter

Dr. Kobobel is a very open minded physician, and understands that there is more than one way to practice medicine. He is dedicated to help people in every way and beyond the scope of standards if needed in some cases. He takes a strong stand against what’s harmful to the human body and fights for people’s health who struggle with addictions. Nexium otc

Dr. Kobobel loves every aspect of medicine. He is not a typical family practice doctor. In fact, his interests in the latest technology and innovative procedures helped him to purchase high tech equipment and introduce his patients to a variety of medical treatments in his office. “One stop shop for all your medical needs” is his ongoing motto.