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Back-to-School Physical: 3 Questions you Need to ask the Doctor



1- How is My Child’s Weight? Does he or she need to lose, gain or maintain weight for maximum health benefit. Some kids will grow into their weight, and others may need to shed a few pounds.

2-What is My Child’s BMI? Body Mass Index is a number that predicts risk of disease by comparing a child’s weight to his or her height. Ask your child’s healthcare provider to measure BMI and educate yourself on what the number means.

3-How Often Should I arrange follow-up appointments, tests and weight/BMI checks? Children should be seen by a primary care physician annually; although, based on your child’s current health status, he or she may need to be seen more frequently.

Knowing the answers to these questions and proper follow-up can keep your child on a consistent path to a healthy lifestyle.

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